‘The Time-Traveler’s Wife’ – Book vs Movie

Three minutes into the movie, The Time-Traveler’s Wife, there is a beautiful shot of Eric Bana’s bare ass. At that point, I said to myself, “I love this movie.”

Yes, it differed from the book a bit. A book that involved would have to be edited a lot. There is just too much information to include within a movie’s timeframe.

I read The Time-Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger on the advice of a friend. I thought it was the most amazing and original piece of fiction I’d read in a long time. It’s a boy meets girl with a great twist–boy has a time-traveling gene. He’s evolving. I like that.

And as a writer, I was impressed by the way Niffenegger kept all the timelines straight. She doesn’t go in chronological order in the book which, if you think about, would be hard to do anyway.

Which did I prefer, the movie or the book? Both. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are wonderful in their roles. I cried so much over the book and during the movie.

If you’re one of those people who like to look for inconsistencies (I do), watch for the exchange between Henry and Clare in her studio. As she’s making a sheet of paper, keep an eye on the mold and deckle. First, it’s face up. Then, face down. Then, face up again. (I found that the second time around.)

Whether you read the book first or last, don’t wait to see the movie.

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