What is a compound sentence?

More importantly, how can understanding and using compound sentences make me a better writer? Let’s get started!

A compound sentence is formed when two,independent clauses are joined by using a coordinating conjunction. I know that may sound confusing, so let me
explain it. An independent clause is the exact same thing as a complete sentence. Remember, a complete sentence is made of,a subject and a predicate.

Compound Sentence Example

The subject tells who or what the sentence is about,and the predicate tells what the subject does or is. So, an example of an independent clause or complete sentence could be: “Cullen ate pepperoni pizza.” “Cullen” is who the sentence is about and “ate pepperoni pizza” is what Cullen the subject, did.

What about a compound sentence? Yeah, how,do we make one of those? I’m getting to that! Basically a compound sentence is formed when one independent clause or complete sentence is joined to another independent clause or complete sentence.

This means that a compound sentence would have a total of two subjects and two predicates. The two sentences, or independent clauses are joined together by using a coordinating conjunction.

The coordinating conjunction is like the glue of the sentence, holding it together. So, if I go back to my original independent clause which is “Cullen ate pepperoni
pizza,” I can add another independent clause – “Nathan ate chocolate cake” to form a compound sentence “Cullen a pepperoni pizza, and Nathan ate chocolate cake.”

Compound Sentence Importance

Creating a compound sentence allows me to express two ideas at once. So a compound sentence is when you glue two sentences together! And the special kind of glue you need is called a coordinating conjunction! That is a great way to remember it! It is also important to note that a comma should always be placed before the coordinating conjunction when forming a compound sentence.


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